Friday, April 29, 2011

K-Pop is taking over Mexico!!! :D

Kpop girl group 2NE1 with members of KPop boy band Super Junior Eunhyuk & Leeteuk

Omg these news are like the one of the best news of my life!
I'm super happy about this!
This is a great accomplishment done by my people! (I'm Mexican♥ btw ^^)

A Mexican program runed by TV Azteca "Venga la Alegria" featured famous korean artist such as 2NE1,SNSD and etc!

They even said that even though we can't understand what they are saying the music gets to us! & that is so true! Because lets put it this way....Why do people sometimes say "Why do you even listen to that kind of music if you don't even know what they are saying?!" and my response is always like "Hey! Let the music talk for itself! Some people still listen to American music even though they can't fully understand English and part of the time they usually cuss a lot in their songs! and KPop songs don't! I mean yeah they might cuss only like 2 bad word or something but not really! *Don't get me wrong I don't hate American music, but back then American artist were so much better!*

Then, even the people in that program said that K-Pop is ruling the world! and They even think KPop is better than American Music!! :D WOOO

If you can't understand Spanish might as well read the translation of it HERE :D ♥

Also you can vote for kpop groups that are famous amongst Mexican people. Even if you aren't Mexican please vote!!! (If you vote for 2NE1 & Super Junior I will ♥ you for ever!!! xD) *Don't get me wrong, it's cause they are my favorite kpop bands*

Click here to vote!

Seriously, Hallyu (Korean wave) is taking over Mexico!

and the BEST NEWS of all is that they might bring Big Bang & SM TOWN to Mexico!!! :D ♥

When I immediately heard about the news, I cried while watching the video cause I was just so happy about this accomplishment since I love Kpop and I'm a huge fan of the music!

My friend Edna and I said that if they come to Mexico we will take an airplane to go! :D ♥

What do you think about this? :D ♥

Then, Sergio Sepulveda (the guy that showed Kpop in his program) tweeted this:
Translation: In the beginning of next week on Wednesdays in the program Venga, we will dedicate 90 seconds towards kpop. Agreed?

Comments are loved!

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  1. Haha, really? OH MY! XDDD
    Rock the world K-POP!
    Although I perfer Japanese!! ^_^


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