Monday, April 11, 2011

Amuro Namie shows her femenine style for magazine “Sweet”

Konnichiwa minna!
As all of you know Namie Amuro is a major Japanese pop diva that's really famous for her music!
She even did a duet with Yamahisa Tomohisa (Yamapi) from JE band, NEWS.

She appeared in the latest issue of Japanese magazine Sweet!
I've never heard of that magazine before but today was my first time I heard about that magazine since Amuro is on the cover!

For fans who already know about her she usually dresses really fierce full and exotic! But surprisingly she shows her gentle,cute,sensitive style for this magazine!

Check out the cover of the magazine below!
*Click on the image to view the rest of the pictures*

*Credits go to TokyoHive*

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  1. shee looks soo great!
    yeah!! she usually wear very exotic but i really like how she look in this one..



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