Friday, April 29, 2011

K-Pop is taking over Mexico!!! :D

Kpop girl group 2NE1 with members of KPop boy band Super Junior Eunhyuk & Leeteuk

Omg these news are like the one of the best news of my life!
I'm super happy about this!
This is a great accomplishment done by my people! (I'm Mexican♥ btw ^^)

A Mexican program runed by TV Azteca "Venga la Alegria" featured famous korean artist such as 2NE1,SNSD and etc!

They even said that even though we can't understand what they are saying the music gets to us! & that is so true! Because lets put it this way....Why do people sometimes say "Why do you even listen to that kind of music if you don't even know what they are saying?!" and my response is always like "Hey! Let the music talk for itself! Some people still listen to American music even though they can't fully understand English and part of the time they usually cuss a lot in their songs! and KPop songs don't! I mean yeah they might cuss only like 2 bad word or something but not really! *Don't get me wrong I don't hate American music, but back then American artist were so much better!*

Then, even the people in that program said that K-Pop is ruling the world! and They even think KPop is better than American Music!! :D WOOO

If you can't understand Spanish might as well read the translation of it HERE :D ♥

Also you can vote for kpop groups that are famous amongst Mexican people. Even if you aren't Mexican please vote!!! (If you vote for 2NE1 & Super Junior I will ♥ you for ever!!! xD) *Don't get me wrong, it's cause they are my favorite kpop bands*

Click here to vote!

Seriously, Hallyu (Korean wave) is taking over Mexico!

and the BEST NEWS of all is that they might bring Big Bang & SM TOWN to Mexico!!! :D ♥

When I immediately heard about the news, I cried while watching the video cause I was just so happy about this accomplishment since I love Kpop and I'm a huge fan of the music!

My friend Edna and I said that if they come to Mexico we will take an airplane to go! :D ♥

What do you think about this? :D ♥

Then, Sergio Sepulveda (the guy that showed Kpop in his program) tweeted this:
Translation: In the beginning of next week on Wednesdays in the program Venga, we will dedicate 90 seconds towards kpop. Agreed?

Comments are loved!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Bright Color Japanese Fashion

Hey everyone!
Sorry for the lack of entry updates~ @_@
I've been busy with school! Tomorrow I take my Algebra TAKS test D:
Ugh I seriously hate algebra!
Math should solve its own problems!!! x)

Well yesterday I was looking at Tokyo Hive's new updates about Japanese Celebrities!
I saw an entry on C-ute, a Hello Project girl band. I'm not a fan of them though, but in the solo shots for “Momoiro Sparkling” their outfits were so unique! Like I've never seen these kinds of outfits on a J-Pop girl band!

The outfits are a combination of Unique, Bright Beautiful Colors that pop out!

Here are the pictures of them!

<Yajima Maimi> - Her style has the tomboyish feeling to it!  

<Nakajima Saki> - The cute colorful feminine feeling to it!

<Suzuki Airi> - Outdoor sporty feeling!

<Okai Chisato> - Party look! XD

<Hagiwara Mai> - Summer date look!

Credits to:

I seriously loved all the outfits! What do you guys think? Would you wear this? I know I would totally wear this!


Friday, April 15, 2011

Sweet & Co. Brand From Hong Kong

Ni hao my fellow readers! ^-^
How's everyone?
Well I'm really excited for tomorrow!
My exchanged Korean friend Siri, My Half Japanese/Mexican friend Yahomi and I are going to down town! =D
Can't wait!~ <3

Well other than my personal life the whole point of this post is to show you guys this amazing kawaii brand from Hong Kong that do these amazing cute accessories!

I first found out about this line of accessories since I was browsing the ultra famous Asian style website ~

I was seriously impressed by these mega cute accesories! Yes I'm that serious about them xDD
They are quite pricey though :/

Biography about this line: Sweet & Co. was established in 2005 with “Sweet + Fun + Girly” as the main concept for its line of fashion accessories. Featuring original and handmade designs, Sweet & Co. includes sweet treats in its collections such as cupcakes, ice cream, cakes, and doughnuts that bring out the sweetness in every girl. Sweet & Co. products are created and made with love.

Here's an example of this adorable line!

To see more of this mega adorable collection Click Here!
Pictures & Biography by:

Monday, April 11, 2011

Amuro Namie shows her femenine style for magazine “Sweet”

Konnichiwa minna!
As all of you know Namie Amuro is a major Japanese pop diva that's really famous for her music!
She even did a duet with Yamahisa Tomohisa (Yamapi) from JE band, NEWS.

She appeared in the latest issue of Japanese magazine Sweet!
I've never heard of that magazine before but today was my first time I heard about that magazine since Amuro is on the cover!

For fans who already know about her she usually dresses really fierce full and exotic! But surprisingly she shows her gentle,cute,sensitive style for this magazine!

Check out the cover of the magazine below!
*Click on the image to view the rest of the pictures*

*Credits go to TokyoHive*

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Fist Pump!!! xD

Well yesterday during my 1st period since I have Algebra and my Algebra teacher is really careless after the lesson, So some girls were painting their nails with really pretty nail polish & I wanted to paint them yesterday at night but I did not have enough time so I asked the girl if I could borrow her nail polish and she said yeah so I painted them during 1st period =)
A lot of people throughout the day complimented my nails saying that they are really pretty! They thought they were fake nails!!! XDD
*Click on all images to enlarge for a better view*

I had an awesome day after school! :3
Siri,Yahomi,Rosie and I went to Emperor Garden!
It's an Asian Bistro restaurant! We had a buffet and I tried Sushi for my first time! I'm not going to lie, I did not like it >_< D: I was hoping I would but no xD
Our friend Rosie did not know how to eat with Chopsticks so we were teaching her and she got somewhat the hang of it! 
Then I started to talk a lot with my Korean friend, she's an exchanged student and she comes from Seoul! ^o^ We were talking about a lots of things!~& It got me really happy when she said that if I ever go to South Korea I would make a lot of friends ^.^
 after eating a meal all of us starting to get TONS of ice Cream ahaha xDD It was a pretty cool day! ^o^
Then all of my friends left & I was the only one left but then close to the restaurant there was a dollar jewelry shop & I went there since they sell super cute jewelry!
I bought these 2! Since I only had 3 dollars left!
The ones with the mini pics of Hello Kitty are earrings so I think they were a great buy!

 Close up! xD

The bracelet reminded me of 2NE1 for some reason xD

Today while I was chatting with my friend Tori Hing she passed me this Japanese Song! I think it's an awesome song so I instantly passed it to my mp3 :)

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