Monday, February 28, 2011

My Weekend♥

Hello! ^-^
All I got to say is that this weekend went awesome!
It was so much fun!
On Saturday, in the morning I went to Mexico to the ear doctor since my mom says that her ear hurts so much. Then in the night I crossed over to the USA and I went to one of my Best Friends, Thalia's Quinceañera! A Quinceañera is a tradition in Latin American families to do a huge celebration in honor of the daughter when she turns 15! Supposedly it's said that when a girl turns 15 it means she leaves behind her childhood and she becomes a women. Her party was hecking awesome! Everyone was dancing and everything! The food was marvelous! :P
In the center of the tables there was a vase with flowers. Then in the sides there were mini decorations that were super pretty so my mom got them while I was dancing with my friends!

Sunday night, after church all the teenagers went bowling to the bowling alley! I have to admit that it was my first time there and my first time bowling~ No joke xD I did pretty good I was told! My score was the highest in the girls section! 2 times I almost made a strike out but then the ball would move a little >_<

I think I'm going to do the Facebook like page for my site! I hope you guys like it! :3

Thursday, February 24, 2011

What happened in Taekwondo with Yahomi~

Well yesterday I told you guys I was going to go Taekwondo (ing) with my friend Yahomi!
It was a lot of fun!! I think Taekwondo is harder than Karate! I guess I think that since my Karate teacher when I was a little girl sucked at teaching it! No lies xD We did a lot of different exercising  including jumping jacks and etc. We also did the basic work outs for Taekwondo! Those were REALLY hard (>_<)" Well some of them x) I had a lot of fun and I hope I get to go again! The really cool thing about it was that it was 2 story and they had 3 flags of 3 different countries! They had the USA flag first, then the South Korea♥ flag, and then they had the Mexican♥ flag! I was like "Wow that's cool!" In my room I have those 2 except the USA flag and I also have the Japanese♥ flag in my room! :) It's like the Mexican flag is first in order, then the Japanese flag, and then the South Korea flag!

Well before we arrived at the place my mom went to the gasoline station to buy gasoline for the car and I also got off because I wanted to buy Powerade! When I went to get it, in front of there the section of goodies were there! I saw this little bucket full of those thick rubber bracelets and while I was looking through it  I found myself with this really kawaii pink bracelets with the Chinese character for Love♥! :) I was like "I am so buying this" and it was only for $1.99 USD! I also saw another one with the character of Dream and the background of it was white but I got the Love one because I think that's what the world needs!

Here is a picture of it:


Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Taekwondo with Yahomi

Well today I am going to go Taekwondo(ing) xD with my friend Yahomi~
Since one of her relatives owns the place she invited me~
I'm really excited and kinda of nervous at the same time.
Maybe it's cause I have never done Taekwondo, I have done Karate though but I don't remember anything because when I used to go to Karate classes it was a LONG time ago xDD
I do know Taekwondo is a form of Martial Arts from Korea, but I just don't have any idea of how it works! >_<
Wish me good luck♥!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Random Japanese make-up & hair style magazine scans

Konnichiwa! :)
I had these scans for some quite time & I wanted to share them with you!
I don't remember where I found them >_<
I hope you like them! :)
Click on images to enlarge!
My opinion about these scans: I really love the way the make-up and hair is so kawaii and unique! I would totally wear the different kinds of eye-shadows in one like the 7th scan! :) I have done that before and a lot of people complimented on it! :) I just love Japanese fashion magazines! Even though I don't understand what they say I can just go along with the flow cause of the pictures! (:
Please comment! ♥

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Basic Greetings in Spanish!

Hola Todos! (Hello everyone)
Today I will teach you Basic Greetings in Spanish!
First of all you have to know that in Spanish the H is silent!~
So when you say Hola, don't pronounce it English like and pronounce the H too~
I hope this helps you out! If you have any questions and would like to see more Spanish tutorials please let me know!
Comments are loved♥


Thursday, February 17, 2011

Revista Tu Mexico Scan de Denisse de Belanova

I really don't remember where I got this scan. I think I got it from a fan site of Belanova, a Mexican Pop group~
I hope you enjoy this scan~
If you need the translation of it please let me know and I'll translate it since the text is in Spanish~
She is talking about how to approach a guy~
But I just don't agree with her that the girls should take a step.
I guess I'm old fashioned xDD
Click on the image to enlarge! :)
Tomorrow I'll post a tutorial of basic greetings in Spanish ~ Please look forward to it!

Link Buttons

Here are other several link buttons!~ (:
Choose your favorite one and link me! ;D
Arigatou Gozaimasu~ XD :P

Monday, February 7, 2011

San Antonio,Texas,U.S.A Trip!

Hola! (Hello in Spanish)
Well yesterday, Sunday February 6,2011, I went to San Antonio!
I took some pictures! ^-^

This statue was in the front of the building were my dad parked~ I really like the shape of it~ Pretty funky! ;D
This building is called "The Tower of the America's" When my parents were going out they visited this place♥!
This scenery was on my way when I was walking towards the America Tower~
It's another funky monument~
I REALLY like this picture~ I love how the environment looks~ I think I might use this picture on one of my layouts!
This is a house that was on the left side of the park! No one lives there! @_@ XD
This house was in the park. I think it's pretty old! and no, no one lives there xD

This is another monument! I think it's related to the other same one I showed above~
The top of the River Walk! :D
Well in the River Walk, there's a mall! It's also called the River Walk mall I think I'm not sure! But the rest of the items you will see, I purchased each of them at "Forever 21" for $1.50 USD Which I think it was pretty cheap price! :D I bought this Panda necklace because my favorite Japanese/Asian singer/idol Keito Okamoto from Hey! Say! JUMP owns a silver bear necklace and he ALWAYS, well usually wears it! ^-^ and it reminded me of him so much♥, that I decided to buy it ^-^ It's going to be like he is closer to my heart♥~ (Even though he is already  berried there ^-^) I know the necklaces aren't exactly alike but they look alike a lot~
Right they look the same?

I hope you enjoy the pictures! Please let me know what you think!
Comments are loved♥!
Tomorrow I will post another long mini post about an Asian store I visited at the mall there! :3

Saturday, February 5, 2011


How's everyone?
Well right now I felt like jamming out to 2NE1, my favorite K-pop girl band!
I really love this video of them!
It's really amazing!
I like how unique they are! ^-^
For you guys who haven't heard this song nor have seen the video before here you go! I would like to know about what you think about their video!~

Friday, February 4, 2011


These backgrounds were all made by me unless other wise stated~
If you are going to use one please let me now~

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Mexican Magazine Scans: TU ; Make Up and Hair tips/tutorials~

Well I had this magazine since last year like I got it in December~
I thought I should scan it since there's a lot of people that know Spanish who visit this site~
I think these scans are very helpful since they have very interesting tips for make-up and hair~ 
Please click on the images to enlarge~
Please let me know if this helped you out or etc~
If you can't read Spanish and would like me to translate something please let me know!
Comments are loved!!! ♥
You may save them to your PC~ ^-^


    Wednesday, February 2, 2011

    2NE1 Live Performance~

     I just seriously LOVE this performance done by 2NE1!

    Tuesday, February 1, 2011

    Kawaii Items!

    Konnichiwa minna!
    Genki desu ka?

    Well I know I haven't posted anything since the grand opening of the site!
    I have been really busy with my Hey! Say! JUMP Fan Site~
    Thank God everything is going well~
    I'm just kinda sick right now, so that's why I missed school~ >_>

    Last Saturday, I went to down town to go for a little shopping! I just really enjoy shopping at the down town since they bring merchandise from Asia! :D

    Here is a little taste of what I mean! ;D
    *Click on the image to enlarge!*

     The pearls and stars that you see there are actually earrings! :) 
    I am wondering about selling products like these online here at my blog!
    Would you purchase them? What do you think about them?


    Grand Opening!

    Thanks for taking the time to visit the grand opening of Colorful Kawaii Tokyo~
    This site is the continuation of Inspired Illusions~ My old blog site that I did not update a lot XD
    This site will also have a second part of Colorful Kawaii Tokyo Designs
    If you are looking for free HQ designs you can order over there~
    But, I am hoping to make this site very famous and interesting~
    I will be posting stuff of my interests,resources and uniqueness~
    Please visit it frequently~
    Also, If you are interested in learning Spanish or getting better at your English I will post some tutorials of the basics and etc~
    Comments,Questions,Requests are loved~ :) 


    Nihao my beautiful blog readers! ^,-,^

    Well I know I should have posted this a long time ago. But I was busy with the Holidays and yeah... xD
    I know many people liked the look of Taylor Swift's make up in the issue of
    Seventeen Dec. & Jan. 2010/2011. Today I will post the pics of the make-up they used on her! =)
    Even though in the last scan, they claim the make-up to be a "Party Look". I actually look at it as a "Flirty Look".
    Click on the images to enlarge them!

    This is the magazine (:
    These are the beauty products the make up artists used on Taylor. If you live in the USA, they are already selling them in stores! If you live in any other other country I think they are selling them also! If not try getting a product with the same color base as the product Taylor used.

    I would totally recommend this look for any occasion! Especially for school. ^^
    Scans and Ideas typed in this blog are my ideas! Feel free to use them! =) Just please don't steal! (:
    Questions?? Just post a comment asking and I will reply to you as soon as possible! (:


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