Saturday, September 17, 2011

Ayumi Hamasaki Inspired Make Up Look For School.

Hey everyone.
Yesterday I was searching on Youtube for an Ayumi Hamasaki make up tutorial & I found a pretty basic one that still resembles Ayumi's look & I thought this look would look nice to wear to school. (:

I know this Monday & want to wear this to school. In my personal opinion it doesn't seem heavy & it looks brilliant! I also want to straighten my hair since I have it curly & I'd like to try out a Japanese Magazine Hair Style. :)

This make up style was made by Sean Conklin, one of the make up artist from MUD. They have their own blog with tips & tutorials on make up & they even have their own line of makeup, & a make up school. Pretty rad huh? ^^

The Final finish to the Ayumi Hamasaki makeup tutorial :) She looks so pretty!

He also wrote the tutorial down so you can read it here.

Hope you guys enjoy this & let me know if you wore it or what you think!~ :)

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Kawaii Items for $1 USD!

Hey guys!
Well I just wanted to make a quick post about things I've found here in the USA in Dollar stores that are related to Decora Kawaii Fashion! Some of them have a hint of Lolita & Shibuya Gyaru style :)
Click on images to enlarge!

I bought these since I'm a Huge bow fanatic! I was like "I must have them!" I was thinking you could also clip these to a necklace without a charm or you could even make them into earrings!~ :)

I purchased the ones on the top right hand corner & trust me they were so hard to put in and to pull out since they are technically designed for kids hands XD

What do you guys think? :)

Friday, September 9, 2011

Popsister October 2011 Scans

Hey everyone~
I've haven't done anything to neither of my sites. I've been abandoning them >-<
School sometimes is  hard for me and the only reason why is cause I have Chemistry and it's hard for me. Plus I have gym which makes me get all knocked out and go to sleep like right away when I get home. I even sleep on my way home while the bus takes the time to arrive at my house & I should seriously stop that habit. -_- Cause when I fall asleep I'm listening to my music while surfing on the internet with my phone & then BAM I get all knocked out before I know it. When this happens which is usually, xD I tend to still have my phone in my hand but today was a total different story cause it wasn't in my hand. :O I was like OMG! I looked everywhere for it I even asked the assistant of the bus driver to help me out & he did, but we did not find anything :/ So sad, I left the bus then I checked my backpack in the main zipper and it was there! :O It was a HUGE miracle for me since I have that phone since 7th grade & right now I'm in my Sophomore year of High School~

Anyways back to the main subject of this post xD

*Click on Images to enlarge*

For the rest of the magazine scans please join Bokura no Zashi at Livejournal!
You must join the community to be able to download the rest of this issue!

I Really love Japanese Magazines *--*
They have the most kawaii, vintage, colorful, unique fashion ever :D
Not to mention about the makeup too ;)

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