Sunday, April 10, 2011

Fist Pump!!! xD

Well yesterday during my 1st period since I have Algebra and my Algebra teacher is really careless after the lesson, So some girls were painting their nails with really pretty nail polish & I wanted to paint them yesterday at night but I did not have enough time so I asked the girl if I could borrow her nail polish and she said yeah so I painted them during 1st period =)
A lot of people throughout the day complimented my nails saying that they are really pretty! They thought they were fake nails!!! XDD
*Click on all images to enlarge for a better view*

I had an awesome day after school! :3
Siri,Yahomi,Rosie and I went to Emperor Garden!
It's an Asian Bistro restaurant! We had a buffet and I tried Sushi for my first time! I'm not going to lie, I did not like it >_< D: I was hoping I would but no xD
Our friend Rosie did not know how to eat with Chopsticks so we were teaching her and she got somewhat the hang of it! 
Then I started to talk a lot with my Korean friend, she's an exchanged student and she comes from Seoul! ^o^ We were talking about a lots of things!~& It got me really happy when she said that if I ever go to South Korea I would make a lot of friends ^.^
 after eating a meal all of us starting to get TONS of ice Cream ahaha xDD It was a pretty cool day! ^o^
Then all of my friends left & I was the only one left but then close to the restaurant there was a dollar jewelry shop & I went there since they sell super cute jewelry!
I bought these 2! Since I only had 3 dollars left!
The ones with the mini pics of Hello Kitty are earrings so I think they were a great buy!

 Close up! xD

The bracelet reminded me of 2NE1 for some reason xD

Today while I was chatting with my friend Tori Hing she passed me this Japanese Song! I think it's an awesome song so I instantly passed it to my mp3 :)


  1. Love the nails!! Sounds like you had a lot of fun! XD

  2. Sushi for your first time!? OH MY! What did you think though? :)


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