Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Bright Color Japanese Fashion

Hey everyone!
Sorry for the lack of entry updates~ @_@
I've been busy with school! Tomorrow I take my Algebra TAKS test D:
Ugh I seriously hate algebra!
Math should solve its own problems!!! x)

Well yesterday I was looking at Tokyo Hive's new updates about Japanese Celebrities!
I saw an entry on C-ute, a Hello Project girl band. I'm not a fan of them though, but in the solo shots for “Momoiro Sparkling” their outfits were so unique! Like I've never seen these kinds of outfits on a J-Pop girl band!

The outfits are a combination of Unique, Bright Beautiful Colors that pop out!

Here are the pictures of them!

<Yajima Maimi> - Her style has the tomboyish feeling to it!  

<Nakajima Saki> - The cute colorful feminine feeling to it!

<Suzuki Airi> - Outdoor sporty feeling!

<Okai Chisato> - Party look! XD

<Hagiwara Mai> - Summer date look!

Credits to:

I seriously loved all the outfits! What do you guys think? Would you wear this? I know I would totally wear this!



  1. Awww~ Sucks that I can't see the pictures...>//< Something's wrong!

  2. @Sherry Chen
    They are there now. Sorry about that x)

  3. Haha, no problem! :)
    Oh my, the outfits do look unique~ I want one. LOL, even if I do, I probably won't wear them. ^^

  4. I love Outdoor sporty feeling!


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