Wednesday, February 27, 2013

What I've Been Up to During My Absence

Today I decided to make a brief post consisting of pictures about little memories I'd like to share that happened during my absence.

 Thought this would be kinda fun ^^"

Both of these I got them for my 16th Birthday! :D The Super Junior Album & the 2 Rilakkuma plushies I was gifted by my dear friend in Korea, Jiho!♥ The Dolly Wink Eyelashes were given also as a gift by my beloved friend Tori♥ here in the USA along with some other goodies! :D These were seriously some of the most fabulous gifts ever! If you guys rae reading this, Xie xie & Ko Ma Wo! xD

  Snaaaacks!!! :D Man I've been wanting to try various of these for a long time, & I was lucky enough to have them placed at a local supermarket! I had no idea they had Asian snacks until one of my close friends, Paulina told me about them! I couldn't resist & had to purchase them. They were pretty pricey though. I can't wine since they are foreign products. I was going insane when I saw them, I spent about $30 bucks on these x) (The money was worth it!) I don't regret it at all! XD

My Gyaru attempts for Halloween! This outfit was a last minute though. I absolutely did not plan going trick or treating last year, until one of my Best Friends Edna invited me to go along & heck yeah I did! Free candy guys! I know I am still missing some gyaru qualities like the false eyelashes. I had a pair of them but I was running late so I blew it off but I don't think it looks too bad.~ ^^

These were all the pics I could of think that you might appreciate seeing~ ^-^ Let me know if you'd like to see a part two (?)

Excuse the LQ pics~ Blame it on the iPod 4 folks~

With Love,


Monday, February 25, 2013

Etude House Dear My Blooming Lips in OR206 Lipstick Review

Hello ^-^
This is the first time I do a review on a product, so please bare with me! ^-^
Good Criticism is always appreciated~ >w<

Back to the actual review!

Today's review will be on an Etude House product that has been around since last year! This was endorsed by the ex Etude House model Sandara Park from 2NE1 along with SHINee!

Advertorial Picture of the Lipstick

I bought this last year in the hunt of the perfect crayon, yellow base orange lipstick. All the orange lipsticks I found here in the USA had a red base that made it look more of a "Red Orange" than the "Orange" I was seeking for. Thank you Etude House for making one! :D XD

♡Packaging: The packaging is your traditional cutesy princessy Etude House packaging! & I like it! It truthfully makes you feel cutesy ^^ None of the lipsticks that I own are by near as to having this type of packaging. It's one of a kind ^-^ Plus the bow is an added bonus! (I'm in love with bows)

♡Formula/Texture: When applied to the lips, It has a nice soft cream lipstick consistency. It dries out as a very light creamy consistency (it's not quite matte). If you are prone to dry, chapped lips, the best solution for you would be to apply a moisturizing lip balm to hydrate your lips and create an ideal canvas for this  lipstick.

♡Color Payoff: One swatch on your lips gives it a nice dewy orange glow with coverage but not as enough as if you were to swatch it for a 2nd time. The picture above is with two swatches.

♡Color Stay: Unfortunately, it stays for about 1-2 hours maximum. I don't think its a huge deal since a lot of lipsticks do this to me, so I tend to just re apply them. If you want the lipstick to stay for a longer period of time, simply wear a lip concealer or dab lightly with a brush foundation on your lips, then with a translucent  powder just dust a very small amount onto the lips for a power staying application, then apply the lipstick, .

♡Where to Purchase? Since Etude House is a Korean brand, it's surely available in various Asian Countries. Many Asian Beauty stores in the USA might have them available.  But around my area there are none close to my town so I definitely have to order it online. I ordered it through Cosmetic Love! They offer free shipping too!

♡Price: Depends on where you buy it. Mine was $12.99

 ♡Rate: 4.5/5 Stars

❤Who Might Love it?

  • Those obessesd with the Color Orange
  • Don't mind re applying
  • Lovers of Cute packaging


✖Who Might Hate it?

  • Those who have chapped lips
  • Don't like ordering online
  • Those looking for a long lasting lipcolor

 With Love,


 Disclaimer: This review was not sponsered by anyone. 100% my honest opinion. All products reviewed here are bought with my own money unless stated otherwise.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Welcome to the New & Improved Inspired Illusions!

Hello & Welcome to my New & Improved blog! :D

I'm Jasmine from "Colorful Kawaii Tokyo" as my old few followers♥ know.

As you may have known, I decided to revamp and re-organize this blog. I still have the old posts from "Colorful Kawaii Tokyo" that I decided to keep up.

I thought that I needed to change my blog's old name to something more "Open" that would benefit my blogging from Makeup, My Thoughts of Life to anything really that is of my interest .

My blog will consist of: Fashion, Beauty, Make Up, Lifestyle, Inspiration & Kawaiiness! ◕‿◕

I keep changing from blog names from time to time, but I truly hope I stop this horrible habit of mine & I can stay with this name for a long time. ^o^

I'm full of hope to meet all of the bloggers out there & make friends, to gain followers, and to keep you interested in my blog.

Truly Yours,

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