Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Huge Beauty & Makeup Haul!

Man, it seems that the days are vanishing into thin air. I've neglected my passion for blogging cause of my laziness and school. I know, It shouldn't be an excuse. I'm anticipating for this summer crucially bad. I can't wait to accomplish various things I have settled for it.

Recently I have been shopping for New Beauty Products out in the market and discovering new ones. These purchases are from several weeks ago to recent ones from lets say from... Sunday.

Hope you guys still enjoy them & I'll go into depth as much as I can!

These cosmetics were recently purchased at my favorite places to go shopping for makeup, ULTA which is by all means such an awesome beauty store since they have almost everything! *-* Walgreen's<3 & HEB & Downtown in my old good hometown (:

I finally induced into trying out NYX's New Butter Gloss lip glosses due to the fact that the colors are tremendously gorgeous! *-* It's rare to find these types of Pinks, Peaches & Orange. After searching like crazy every single time I would stop by ULTA I finally found NYX's most famous Eye Pencil in Milk! I'm looking forward into trying it out!

Next stop is HEB's Haul. I purchased all of the ELF products as shown above! My ELF bloating sheets & Eyebrow gel were running out so I had to go & get backups! The falsies were purchased for testing that I wanted to do :P You know, try them out. XD Essence's Volumizing Lash Powder was a product I had been eying on for quite a time & I finally decided to purchase it. The pink conditioner you see in the back is a new product I randomly got after searching for a new alternative. Man it smells amazing. (: While in the car I thought "Heck man, before you know it I'm gonna crash out during the car drive to get home & I will wake up in the morning to disgusting pimples & a day old worth of a makeup look". When I opened these ELF Wipes & started to clean my face, I have to admit, I was AMAZED! Will go into depth when I do the individual review for it. Maybelline's New Limited Spring Blush is a back up for the one I already have. Wet n Wild's single eyeshadow is said to be a dupe for Urban Decay's W.O.S in the Basics Naked Palette. Jordana's lipstick & Maybelline's lip gloss were products I had to pick up to test out *-*

The rest of the Wet n Wild products were purchased in Walgreen's with the Dollar off coupon :D Wohoo!
The rest of the SANTEE & Kleancolor products were purchased at down town by just the sake of a tourist wondering around the stores.

Heck, a girl can never have too many things~

The picture below is from a month old haul~

I eventually had a memorable day at the San Antonio Zoo with my cousin's family and my family~ Such a beautiful day it was~ I was able to obtain goodies from the zoo~

These boots were such a bargain! They were n sale for only $8 bucks! Yes, 8 dollars! I couldn't contain myself I just had to have them! They reminded me so much of CL & Park Bom from 2NE1! I've seen them wear these types of boots in their photo shoots and etc.   

Hope you guys enjoyed this post!
Bye bye!

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