Monday, July 25, 2011

Etude House AC Clinic Toner & Gel Lotion Review

Hey everyone!
As I promised you I would make a review about Etude House Ac Clinic Toner & Gel Lotion.
Well here it is!
I got this in my 2nd Semester of my Freshman year, (Just this year) from a friend I made that she was an exchanged student and she came from Korea! She knew how much I'm into Korea & how much I love Etude House products so I think this is the reason she gave it to me. Also cause when you're an exchanged student you're supposed to trade things from your home country to the country your staying at. I'm glad I got to know her before she left cause she became one of my best friends♥ I Miss You Siri!

Note: Sorry for the somewhat LQ pics, Gosh both of my cameras are cheap at taking HQ pics so I took it with a webcam it looked better.

All of these contents came in this really cute Hello Kitty package! ♥
She was nice enough to let me know how to use it & she made a me a lil note & I will always preserve it♥

How to Use:
  1. Before you go to bed, (after you wash your face) put some Toner onto the cotton rounds and gently pat it onto your face.
  2. After that do the same with the Gel Lotion. :)
Pretty easy instructions huh? :)

These are the cotton rounds I used nicely given by my friend. :)
You can put as many as drops of both of the products as you think you will need. I just added like 2 or sometimes 4 drops, just depending on what I think I needed on that day.

The Toner is Step 2 & the Gel Lotion is Step 3.
Toner (2nd Step)

This Toner helps out a lot. After applying it it refreshes your skin a tons. It really soothes it.
I am really satisfied with it!
Gel Lotion (3rd Step)

This Gel Lotion smells amazing! It has a hint of cucumber right after the finish! The smell of the cucumber ain't strong it's just light which makes it perfect!

My Result: After using it for a while I actually felt my skin, refreshed, moisturized and clean when I would wake up. I wouldn't see so many blemishes nor pimples as the day before I would apply this on. It did not irritate my skin at all. :) ♥

Rate: 5 out of 5 ♥

Would I buy it?: Yes I would! <333

Would I Recommend it?: Totally would!

Remember this is my 100% honest opinion about the product. (:

Please don't claim these pictures as your own. I got lazy to watermark them. x)

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