Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Sorry for not updating. | Prayers

Ni hao~
I'm very sorry for not updating in this past week. I am in another town right now because one of my favorite aunts is hospitalized in critical conditions. Please pray for her. I will really appreciate it since she's a second mother to me so if I loose her this will be really hard for me even though I know life keeps on going I will always have her in my heart & soul <3 But the hardest thing about this is that she is leaving behind her 2 little girls :/ That are 9 & 12 yrs old and they are barely starting to live life. So I will do my best to take care of them even though I don't live in that town where they live in. This case is really bad that I haven't even gone to school this week and thank God my mom called today and she told them why I haven't gone to school and they accepted my excuse :)
Right now I'm jamming out to SHINee's song Hello :) with my 12 yr old cousin (:
Thanks for all the comments you guys have been posting in my c-box and on my last blog post ^o^
I will reply to them asap (:

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