Monday, March 14, 2011

Taylor Swift Magazine Scans & Pictures

Hello everyone!
Sorry for not updating yesterday... I went out of town again =D
and plus I'm in Spring Break.. WOHOOOOOO! XD
Well This scans are dedicated to my friend Rosie @ rochy2895 since she loves Taylor Swift ^^
The scans are in Spanish so if you don't understand Spanish I'll gladly translate ^^
*Click on images to enlarge*
Credit me if re posting and let me know!
Comments are loved♥ =]

When I went to Wal Mart I passed by the make up section and if you guys know Taylor Swift is the spokes person for the new line of make up from Cover Girl that's natural. Here are pictures I took of Taylor and in the sides you can see the make up. 



  1. owwww,thanx Jas! ♥
    and she is so pretty ^^
    well,see you soon ;)
    matta ne!

  2. Sugoi!!! It's Taylor!!! ^^ I love her song 'You Belong with Me' I really like Lucas Till in the music video!! Kyaaa~ >////<


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