Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Teen Vogue April 2011 ft. So Young Kang!

Well last time I was shopping at HEB in the waiting line  I saw the April magazine issue for Teen Vogue!
I' not a huge fan of that magazine unlike Seventeen♥ so I was just looking through it since they sometimes have what I'm looking for and I was really happy they interviewed this Korean model that's really tall!
Her name is So Young Kang.
I took pictures of it with my phone so bare with me that the pictures might be low quality~
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The cover of the issue.

So Young Kang~

A closer look of her. I think she's super pretty! ^-^

*NOTE* This is not So Young Kang. This is another random model I got a picture of cause I like how she posed for it ^-^

To see So Young Kang featured in a magazine photo shoot  Click Here!


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