Thursday, February 24, 2011

What happened in Taekwondo with Yahomi~

Well yesterday I told you guys I was going to go Taekwondo (ing) with my friend Yahomi!
It was a lot of fun!! I think Taekwondo is harder than Karate! I guess I think that since my Karate teacher when I was a little girl sucked at teaching it! No lies xD We did a lot of different exercising  including jumping jacks and etc. We also did the basic work outs for Taekwondo! Those were REALLY hard (>_<)" Well some of them x) I had a lot of fun and I hope I get to go again! The really cool thing about it was that it was 2 story and they had 3 flags of 3 different countries! They had the USA flag first, then the South Korea♥ flag, and then they had the Mexican♥ flag! I was like "Wow that's cool!" In my room I have those 2 except the USA flag and I also have the Japanese♥ flag in my room! :) It's like the Mexican flag is first in order, then the Japanese flag, and then the South Korea flag!

Well before we arrived at the place my mom went to the gasoline station to buy gasoline for the car and I also got off because I wanted to buy Powerade! When I went to get it, in front of there the section of goodies were there! I saw this little bucket full of those thick rubber bracelets and while I was looking through it  I found myself with this really kawaii pink bracelets with the Chinese character for Love♥! :) I was like "I am so buying this" and it was only for $1.99 USD! I also saw another one with the character of Dream and the background of it was white but I got the Love one because I think that's what the world needs!

Here is a picture of it:


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