Monday, February 28, 2011

My Weekend♥

Hello! ^-^
All I got to say is that this weekend went awesome!
It was so much fun!
On Saturday, in the morning I went to Mexico to the ear doctor since my mom says that her ear hurts so much. Then in the night I crossed over to the USA and I went to one of my Best Friends, Thalia's Quinceañera! A Quinceañera is a tradition in Latin American families to do a huge celebration in honor of the daughter when she turns 15! Supposedly it's said that when a girl turns 15 it means she leaves behind her childhood and she becomes a women. Her party was hecking awesome! Everyone was dancing and everything! The food was marvelous! :P
In the center of the tables there was a vase with flowers. Then in the sides there were mini decorations that were super pretty so my mom got them while I was dancing with my friends!

Sunday night, after church all the teenagers went bowling to the bowling alley! I have to admit that it was my first time there and my first time bowling~ No joke xD I did pretty good I was told! My score was the highest in the girls section! 2 times I almost made a strike out but then the ball would move a little >_<

I think I'm going to do the Facebook like page for my site! I hope you guys like it! :3

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