Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Grand Opening!

Thanks for taking the time to visit the grand opening of Colorful Kawaii Tokyo~
This site is the continuation of Inspired Illusions~ My old blog site that I did not update a lot XD
This site will also have a second part of Colorful Kawaii Tokyo Designs
If you are looking for free HQ designs you can order over there~
But, I am hoping to make this site very famous and interesting~
I will be posting stuff of my interests,resources and uniqueness~
Please visit it frequently~
Also, If you are interested in learning Spanish or getting better at your English I will post some tutorials of the basics and etc~
Comments,Questions,Requests are loved~ :) 


Nihao my beautiful blog readers! ^,-,^

Well I know I should have posted this a long time ago. But I was busy with the Holidays and yeah... xD
I know many people liked the look of Taylor Swift's make up in the issue of
Seventeen Dec. & Jan. 2010/2011. Today I will post the pics of the make-up they used on her! =)
Even though in the last scan, they claim the make-up to be a "Party Look". I actually look at it as a "Flirty Look".
Click on the images to enlarge them!

This is the magazine (:
These are the beauty products the make up artists used on Taylor. If you live in the USA, they are already selling them in stores! If you live in any other other country I think they are selling them also! If not try getting a product with the same color base as the product Taylor used.

I would totally recommend this look for any occasion! Especially for school. ^^
Scans and Ideas typed in this blog are my ideas! Feel free to use them! =) Just please don't steal! (:
Questions?? Just post a comment asking and I will reply to you as soon as possible! (:


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