Monday, February 7, 2011

San Antonio,Texas,U.S.A Trip!

Hola! (Hello in Spanish)
Well yesterday, Sunday February 6,2011, I went to San Antonio!
I took some pictures! ^-^

This statue was in the front of the building were my dad parked~ I really like the shape of it~ Pretty funky! ;D
This building is called "The Tower of the America's" When my parents were going out they visited this place♥!
This scenery was on my way when I was walking towards the America Tower~
It's another funky monument~
I REALLY like this picture~ I love how the environment looks~ I think I might use this picture on one of my layouts!
This is a house that was on the left side of the park! No one lives there! @_@ XD
This house was in the park. I think it's pretty old! and no, no one lives there xD

This is another monument! I think it's related to the other same one I showed above~
The top of the River Walk! :D
Well in the River Walk, there's a mall! It's also called the River Walk mall I think I'm not sure! But the rest of the items you will see, I purchased each of them at "Forever 21" for $1.50 USD Which I think it was pretty cheap price! :D I bought this Panda necklace because my favorite Japanese/Asian singer/idol Keito Okamoto from Hey! Say! JUMP owns a silver bear necklace and he ALWAYS, well usually wears it! ^-^ and it reminded me of him so much♥, that I decided to buy it ^-^ It's going to be like he is closer to my heart♥~ (Even though he is already  berried there ^-^) I know the necklaces aren't exactly alike but they look alike a lot~
Right they look the same?

I hope you enjoy the pictures! Please let me know what you think!
Comments are loved♥!
Tomorrow I will post another long mini post about an Asian store I visited at the mall there! :3


  1. the necklace is soo kawaii... love the pics...

  2. Arigatou Gozaimasu! :3
    I'm happy to know that you liked the pics! :)
    Thanks for leaving a comment! ^-^

  3. hola jasmine!
    soy arisa, pasaste a mi blog koi no ice cream hace un tiempo, solo que ya lo tengo cerrado, por las razones que comento en la ultima actualizacion.
    Gracias por pasarte y tu blog me gusta mucho!
    Tengo un blog mas personal que uso como diario, tengo poco que lo inicie, si gustas pasarte por ahi y comentar de mis delirios me harias feliz.

    mi nick es Arisa pero mi nombre real es Marissa

    Me encantaria conocerte y platicar de nuestros chicos Japoneses!

    Yo soy mega fan de NEWS y mi ichiban es Yamapi

    Posiblemente habra otro blog donde ponga solos mis delirios de fangirl
    XD en cuanto lo tenga te digo

    muchos saludos!!

    plis ya no me comentes en el blog de koi no ice cream, ya que entro cada año solo para ver algunos enlaces XD mejor en el de ameba ok?

    ja ne!


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