Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Well lately I haven't posted anything really :/
Sorry~ >_< I haven't felt like updating anything really I have only been updating my Facebook lately x)
I've seen that when I post any new posts no one likes them on the blogs facebook fan page T-T
Anyways I'm going to be a Sophomore this year X-X Man, the years go by so fast D:
My Sophomore year will be a lot different than by Freshman year since my school has the Freshman group as a campus only and I'm going to enter to the huge campus with all the Juniors & Seniors. My campus looks like a freakking airport lol xD
Hope everything goes well the first day (: ♥
Lately, I don't know if it happens to everyone, but during Summer you find out who are your real friends. I don't want to go into a huge deep detail but that happen to me this Summer. I'm glad it did or other wise I would of been fooling myself. Everything happens for a reason. I'm not those types of people who will loose themselves for a friendship that did not blossomed for good.

Life goes on!

Just felt like putting those words with a huge font cause I feel like this isn't only happening to me. It happens to everyone.

My friend from Korea, Siri sent me an Early Birthday present! :D ♥
I was so happy when I received them! They were Etude products with samples too! :)
I'll post pictures of them & reviews so watch out for them!

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