Thursday, July 21, 2011

‎2NE1 with Jeremy Scott for Look Magazine

Hello Blackjacks!
Today I was just on facebook when suddenly on my news feed, KPOP GTO. posted magazine scans of 2NE1 with Jeremy Scott their Fashion designer.

Remember to click on images to enlarge (:

My Thoughts: I absolutely loved how all of them looked here. Park Bom always staying more feminine then the rest, Minzy being more of the tomboyish girl with a hint of etiquette, Dara with the cute yet a bit of rough ish style, & CL with the Baddest female & Crazy style~ :D

On the last pic you can see Jeremy Scott XD I'm guessing he did not come out that often or maybe there's more scans? I have no idea but if you know about more of them let me know & I'll post them!

Comments are loooooved~ <333

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