Monday, July 25, 2011

R.I.P Choi Siwon's Grandma

Today is a really sad day for E.L.F's :'(

It was announced that Super Junior's member Choi Siwon's Grandma died. :'(
On July 25, SM Entertainment, the agency of Siwon announced that Siwon's grandma passed away July 22, & the burial took place on the 25. On July 23, Siwon wrote on Twitter, "My heart is ripping, but I must be stronger" Siwon later twitted a picture of him posing with his beloved grandmother.
Siwon Twitter Update:

@siwon407 We will surely meet again.

Later he wrote, "To my grandmother-the most beautiful person in the world. I will live bearing the love that you taught me deep within my heart..  "

May she rest in peace ♥

My Thoughts: I was so sad to hear about this. :'( This really sadness my heart cause he lost someone very dear to him. Not only that but also something that makes it worse is that this had to happened days before Super Junior's fifth album. :( Wished his grandma would be able to see it. I'm sure she will by heaven♥

Siwon my condelenses go to you & your family. You're one of my favorite Korean idols and this really saddens me. My heart goes out to you & your grandma♥

Credits: allkpop & Siwon's Twitter

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