Thursday, July 21, 2011

2NE1 Hate You MV with Eng Subs & Rom

Hello my lovely readers!
For those of you who are Blackjacks, I'm pretty sure you know about 2NE1's new MV "Hate You". This video is drastically different from their usual ones since it's cutely animated! n_n

My Impression: KAWAII!!

Thankfully KPopRom romanized and subbed this video fast (:

Let me know your thoughts about it! :D ♥
Their animation was cute with a rough side kick. :)

Seriously these girls never seem to let me down. I'm such a huge fan of them mainly cause their such a unique Asian girl band. Not like other ones (wont point out names) that usually just write about how much they need a guy, act way too cute, & I don't seem to feel them as independent women but more like just to please a man.
These girls are so fierce, with beautiful personalities, great voices & beats to their music, their fashion is so different it's amazing!
The thing that hits me more is that in Korea, guys mostly go for the cute ones. But these fabulous girls did not care about what men would think of them!~ Their fierce on stage and off stage. To think that all of them are in a pretty young age the youngest one which is Minzy is (age 17) [18 in Korean age] & the oldest one Park Bom is(1984-03-24) (age 28) [29 in Korean age].

Enough Said! :D
Or else I will go ranting about how much I love them and I will never finish. lol
Comments are appreciated!
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