Saturday, June 11, 2011

Circle Lenses ♥

Hey everyone.~
I know I 've left my blog all dead since I haven't posted anything. I've done the same to my Hey! Say! JUMP Fan Site @_@

Man I'm such a bad web miss (-_-)
Sorry about that folks.

Today I'll like to began a new start.

Summer has begun for me! :D Which means FREE TIME!!! *Fist Pumps* I'm really happy about this since I'll start fresh this summer as in I'll start working out~ My Seventeen magazine arrived days before school ended & there was a summer schedule plan to loose weight. I thought it was pretty good so I shall share it with you later on. ^-^

Days ago I ordered Circle Lenses.

Most likely the first thing that came to your mind if you aren't aware of these contacts, you most likely said to yourself, "Aren't all contacts Circle lenses?! O_o" Yeah they are shaped in a circle duh :P

BUT, these contacts are unique because they are only sold in Asia & they are a huge hit. These contacts come in various colors & designs unlike the regular colored contacts you usually see. Plus, they also make your eyes look dolly like, depending what kind of size you get them.

I was checking a bunch of online shops that would sell them. I found quite a few but some of them were too pricey or the shipping was just too pricey too.

I finally found the perfect one which is Candy Lens
So I ordered the Geo Nudy Blue Circle Lens
Here's a picture of them with the model.

By itself
The model looks pretty with them huh? :)

Before & After :)

They were only $19.90 USD

So of course I bought them! You can even get them with prescription :D I got them with prescription ^-^ They even came with a free case! :) But the only bad thing is that the cheapest shipping was $5.00 USD and they will arrive in 15-25 days D:

Once they arrive I'll show them to you guys! ^-^

I'll leave you guys with this awesome song of Big Bang♥


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