Thursday, June 16, 2011

{Review} Hip Hop Candy's Jewelry (:

 Hey everyone!
Well 2 weeks ago I ordered 3 items from Hip Hop Candy!
On the day that I ordered, she had a very special offer, anything that you would order would have free shipping!
so I was like "HECK YEAH"! I wont let this offer go to waste ^^

There I got ordering my items! xD

Then, last week I got my order and I was super happy to see my things!
The packaging came out so cute!

Things I ordered:

*Click on images to enlarge*

After all I'm really happy that I ordered from you! ^-^ One of the best shipping I've had in my online shopping experience! ^-^ It arrived really fast so I was really surprised ^o^ When I got the pins I was surprised they were a little smaller than what I expected but they are still very kawaii & fashionable! They add attention ;D I will definitely wear this to school! :3

To all those people who are planning on ordering from her, Go for it! ^-^

I also liked the card I received! ^-^ & the cute business card & the packaging of the pins & necklace! Very kawaii!! ^-^



    I want to try ordering something...=3=

  2. OMg...those things you ordered are cute and kawaiii!!


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