Wednesday, February 27, 2013

What I've Been Up to During My Absence

Today I decided to make a brief post consisting of pictures about little memories I'd like to share that happened during my absence.

 Thought this would be kinda fun ^^"

Both of these I got them for my 16th Birthday! :D The Super Junior Album & the 2 Rilakkuma plushies I was gifted by my dear friend in Korea, Jiho!♥ The Dolly Wink Eyelashes were given also as a gift by my beloved friend Tori♥ here in the USA along with some other goodies! :D These were seriously some of the most fabulous gifts ever! If you guys rae reading this, Xie xie & Ko Ma Wo! xD

  Snaaaacks!!! :D Man I've been wanting to try various of these for a long time, & I was lucky enough to have them placed at a local supermarket! I had no idea they had Asian snacks until one of my close friends, Paulina told me about them! I couldn't resist & had to purchase them. They were pretty pricey though. I can't wine since they are foreign products. I was going insane when I saw them, I spent about $30 bucks on these x) (The money was worth it!) I don't regret it at all! XD

My Gyaru attempts for Halloween! This outfit was a last minute though. I absolutely did not plan going trick or treating last year, until one of my Best Friends Edna invited me to go along & heck yeah I did! Free candy guys! I know I am still missing some gyaru qualities like the false eyelashes. I had a pair of them but I was running late so I blew it off but I don't think it looks too bad.~ ^^

These were all the pics I could of think that you might appreciate seeing~ ^-^ Let me know if you'd like to see a part two (?)

Excuse the LQ pics~ Blame it on the iPod 4 folks~

With Love,



  1. can i have some pocky? ehehe you look so cute in that outfit!

  2. Sorry for the late reply! >w<

    Sure! *Hands out Pocky* :D

    & aww Thanks! ^o^


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