Saturday, February 23, 2013

Welcome to the New & Improved Inspired Illusions!

Hello & Welcome to my New & Improved blog! :D

I'm Jasmine from "Colorful Kawaii Tokyo" as my old few followers♥ know.

As you may have known, I decided to revamp and re-organize this blog. I still have the old posts from "Colorful Kawaii Tokyo" that I decided to keep up.

I thought that I needed to change my blog's old name to something more "Open" that would benefit my blogging from Makeup, My Thoughts of Life to anything really that is of my interest .

My blog will consist of: Fashion, Beauty, Make Up, Lifestyle, Inspiration & Kawaiiness! ◕‿◕

I keep changing from blog names from time to time, but I truly hope I stop this horrible habit of mine & I can stay with this name for a long time. ^o^

I'm full of hope to meet all of the bloggers out there & make friends, to gain followers, and to keep you interested in my blog.

Truly Yours,


  1. Hi it's Analy from kpop group :B the only fully and true cassie from the group (forever alone (?) XD
    your blog it's all kawaii :3, i love the pointer, usagi *-*!! i'll be visiting it constantly to see your new posts :B

  2. Haha Yes Cassie Power!!! :D lol Thank You very much!♥ & yes please come visit it whenever you want! ^---^


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