Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Worthy to Check Blogs!


As my fellow readers would know, I'm still going through a huge blog revamping. I have many ideas to put up for the site. As you can see I've added pages to the Navigation bar!~ ^-^

During my revamping progress, I wanted to share with you guys 2 blogs!~

One of the blogs I've been following for quite some time & the other one I just found out about.

First of is IamaBabyPanda's blog! She's a Beauty Blogger who also has many thoughts to share with you from tutorials on DIY to Thoughts of life. She's really down to earth & replies to readers comments! ^^

She's currently hosting a giveaway

Second blogger I wanted to share with you guys is Sutewi. She's a blogger who's posts consists of Japanese Fashion & Music and she's currently in Japan! So if you are a huge Japanese Fashion & Music lover it's a must you check her out!

Also hosting a giveaway at the moment.

What bloggers would you recommend one of your readers to see?
Leave the bloggers in the comment section! I would be more than happy to check out new options! ^^


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