Saturday, September 17, 2011

Ayumi Hamasaki Inspired Make Up Look For School.

Hey everyone.
Yesterday I was searching on Youtube for an Ayumi Hamasaki make up tutorial & I found a pretty basic one that still resembles Ayumi's look & I thought this look would look nice to wear to school. (:

I know this Monday & want to wear this to school. In my personal opinion it doesn't seem heavy & it looks brilliant! I also want to straighten my hair since I have it curly & I'd like to try out a Japanese Magazine Hair Style. :)

This make up style was made by Sean Conklin, one of the make up artist from MUD. They have their own blog with tips & tutorials on make up & they even have their own line of makeup, & a make up school. Pretty rad huh? ^^

The Final finish to the Ayumi Hamasaki makeup tutorial :) She looks so pretty!

He also wrote the tutorial down so you can read it here.

Hope you guys enjoy this & let me know if you wore it or what you think!~ :)

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